When the accounting company Deloitte in Aaborg (Denmark) was moving they worked with Mogens Daarbak to help them decorate their offices.

The company was moving from a cell-based office structure over to an activity-based work solution. The task at hand was to create different function driven areas that invited to change the stationary way of working. Keeping this task in mind as well as creating surprising and impressing multipurpose spaces, being exclusive and not too flashy. It was also important to feel the people working that the company. 

They have bar height sofas and barstools or lounge areas all in the same concept and giving the employees more alternatives rather than taking away the old working solution.

By creating exciting meeting spaces, they created a better dynamic for different sections of the company to meet, they are adding to the value provided for their clients and a better knowledge of other trades and new ways of doing the same things. Thus, playing right into the Fora Form mantra that interaction creates value, always! 

The color scheme was different shades of blue symbolizing credibility, professionalism and impact.

Fora Form products featured in this project: Senso, Con IV, Con III, Kvart table and Con barstool. Enjoy!

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